Our smart tools will allow
you to become a bank

Years of experience and development have brought us to understand how a banking system works best. We invite you take part in the success of eBankPlatform.

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Use our tools to give your clients the most advanced service

Using our tools, your clients will be able to conduct money transfers easily, efficiently and from anywhere, using the advanced and intuitive user interface we developed. Enjoy low rates with SEPA and SWIFT transfers, manage an account and wallet with an extremely high level of security and enjoy high-quality customer support. We are connected to most European banks and through them we allow opening IBAN Accounts.

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Our service and support is the key to the success of your bank

Our customer support team consists of patient, talented and courteous professionals. For us, a reliable and generous service is the key to success. We will be happy to assist With any question that you might have, providing fast, efficient, and professional service. Your clients don't have to go to the bank to enjoy excellent service.

Wer'e connected to data verification systems

To secure your clients' information and ensure your clients identity we uphold a security standard called KYC (Know Your Customer). This procedure allows us to identify your customers with certainty so your information can't be compromised. As a financial institute, we are committed to full protection and we carry out all required measures.

Why Us

eBankPlatform Is Untraceable

In a world where security breaches threaten our privacy, we at eBankPlatform meet the most stringent standards, safeguarding our bank and your client accounts around the clock. All of our services are provided by organized and licensed suppliers, who uphold strict standards.

Immediate transfers

Our platform allows your clients to instantaneously receive and transfer funds. Whether it's a paycheck or a Payment request from a client we will be sure to carry out at once, even on holiday.

Simple management

In an age when we constantly travel and seek the utmost in comfort, our phone is also a working tool for all intents and purposes. With our unique mobile friendly interface your clients will be able to easily manage their account, carry out transfers, and receive payments anywhere any time.


We are proud to provide service across all of Europe for a variety of IBAN accounts and with no less than 25 different currencies. Our experience is your advantage, providing you with tools to cater to your every financial need.

Connected to
AML systems

Using an API connection to leading platforms we are capable of conducting client verification and identifying accounts used for terrorist activities or accounts used for other criminal activity. This information will allow you to become a more reliable and professional bank.

We are proud to be at the forefront
of digital banking

Our experience, work, and knowledge allows us to grow quickly while maintaining security and financial strength. Join us now to enjoy cutting edge technologies to drive your business.

Your clients will be able to open an account with free, fast and easy steps:

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Create an account using your email

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Receive an account verification link, within 5 minutes the account is verified

account step 3

Congratulations, you have a new client